Showhouse Luxe Master Bath Interior Design
November 13
Minimal, interiors are sophisticated and calming spaces to live in. They help keep our minds free and our spirit available to life. Here are some tips on how to achieve the less-is-more look for your Denver home while maintaining all the comforts you expect.
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Modern Wallpapers
October 16
Modern wallpapers are available in a variety of prints, patterns, colors, and textures. They can be a visual focal point or they can create subtle backgrounds. Here are a few ways in which wallpaper can create a design statement.
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Perfect Evergreen Kitchen Interior Renovation
September 09
The interior designer you choose to work with should understand your tastes and preferences and know how to apply their expertise to your vision and make it a reality. Here is the path to find the best designer for your decoration or remodeling project.
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Hiring An Interior Designer
August 22
If you have already thought of how you want your home to look like, a designer can help you bring the pieces together. If you have no clue at all, a designer’s valuable insight and skill can make your home design journey smooth and worry-free. Either way, hiring an interior designer will...
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Custom Kitchen Design Golden Key Park
July 11
As an interior designer, I enjoy creating beautiful spaces which reflect my client’s personality. To achieve these ends, it isn’t just about design (and structural engineering), but also about utilizing refined project management techniques. In this blog, I will take you through the design transformation of a home project in Denver’s Golden...
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Margarita Bravo Managing Client Expectations
June 07
Managing client expectations throughout an interior design process can be quite challenging. It is, however, an absolute necessity for the smooth running of a business and building your reputation as a designer. I genuinely believe that there is nothing better in life than to do what you are passionate about. My team...
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New Home Construction
May 27
It is never too early to bring an interior designer onto a project- especially when your project is a new home construction. I was brought in during the early stages of this Denver new construction and feel thankful that I was able to contribute so much to the outcome.
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Blue Print Denver Interior Designer
April 23
As a Denver interior designer, I often hear myths about working with designers. Sometimes these myths make people hesitant to hire a designer. Other times, they hire designers for the wrong reasons. In attempts to clear things up, I’ll share four of the most common myths. MYTH 1: I CAN DO IT...
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Green Eco House Design
March 19
Environment conservation has become a necessity. Today’s homeowners want to be environmentally friendly and they commonly request homes which are designed for sustainability and for the health of the occupants. This is especially true in Denver, a city that is leading environmental efforts. Our city is so green that we were rated...
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Dream Destination For Interior Designers
February 25
Paris is known to be effortlessly stylish, but in addition to fashion, it is equally popular for its outstanding architecture and interior design sensibility. The city’s rich culture, history, heritage, and unparalleled architectural style serve as inspiration which can only be described as glamorous, impeccable, and chic. My main motive for this...
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