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Denver Interior Design Blog

Insights from our Denver interior designers
Kitchen Interior Design Bonnie Brae
August 28
In recent years, modern design has become one of the most requested styles from my Denver clients. As Denver continues to grow, and new (more modern) buildings appears, many homeowners want a cohesive design inside and out, i.e. modern interiors! While such interiors are trendy, up-to-date, and sleek — it’s a fine...
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Open Kitchen Remodeling Margarita Bonnie Brae
July 24
With Denver’s booming real estate market, many of our clients are sellers looking for a quick refresh that will make their home stand out. One of our most recent projects was a kitchen remodel on a home in the lovely neighborhood of Bonnie Brae. Since our client was selling, we didn’t think...
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Denver Colorado Mountains City
June 12
Planning a trip to Denver soon? Lucky you! Denver is chock-full of things to do, both indoors and out. The beautiful weather and interesting landscape are enough on their own to attract tourists, but the booming art and music scenes don’t hurt either. Denver’s one of those lucky cities with so many...
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Observatory Park Master Bathroom Decor
May 28
I can’t believe spring is almost over! We’ve had a very busy season, and I am feeling grateful to all of our great vendors. With that, I realized how much I shop and buy locally here in Denver, which by the way, is a hot spot for interior design! This city is...
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Margarita Bravo Colorado Inspired Color Palettes
April 09
A lot of interior designers and design bloggers often mention to “turning to nature for color inspiration.” However this may be true, finding your color palette from the outside world can be hard to do if you’re not well versed in color theory, or even if you’re not completely decided on a...
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Kitchen Renovation Design
March 12
It’s an exciting time in any homeowner’s life when they’ve made the decision to renovate! Customizing a home to one’s ideal needs and personal style is often a dream come true — one that we designers love to be a part of! When it comes to planning, designing, and completing a remodel,...
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Know more about furniture trends 2018 here
February 13
As we settle into 2018, understanding which trends will last all year – and even into 2019 and beyond – is a concern for many homeowners looking to update their home. And, with so many trend predictions being published, confusion is heightened, making home design decisions even more difficult! As a designer,...
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